Company Courses

The amount of learning another language program is huge and finding a suitable teacher is one of the hardest tasks. I want to help your employers improving their language skills.

Today’s world of work requires security in dealing with the English and or German language. Subject-related vocabulary and fluency are required in many areas. Promote the English or German skills of your employees through tailor-made instruction. Save time too: We offer courses online or directly in your company. In a familiar atmosphere, you will continue to educate yourself and benefit from our well-founded specialist knowledge (finance, logistics, technology, administration, medicine, accounting, IT) of our qualified language teachers as well as in direct exchange with your colleagues. Before starting the course, the English or German skills of your employees are classified. To ensure the success of the lesson, a syllabus is created that is optimally adapted to the learning needs. Upon request, you will receive regular feedback on the progress of the lesson.


  • PT 1. English or German one to one in house or online training
  • PT 2. Online or in-house group course 5 to 15 participants
  • PT 3. English or German Intensive Course
  • PT 4. English or German course for apprenticeship


  • Einzeltraining, In-house oder Online Englisch oder Deutsch


Individual online or in-house training This course is aimed at those who want to quickly and intensively develop their English or German language skills – for example, before a stay abroad or the acquisition of a new international business. The Learning Center established in 2001 has many years of teaching experience with international companies from a wide variety of industries. Of course, we offer total flexibility in scheduling, frequency, your pace of learning and the beginning of your course. That’s why we make an extensive classification before beginning the language training. Based on a precise needs analysis, we create a precise training program. We dispense with insignificant content and concentrate together with you on what matters to you. The positive feedback from our participants shows us that this procedure is proven. To get to know in advance, we are happy to perform a free trial lesson either online or at your place!


2-4 weeks


  • Online or in-house group course 5 to 15 participants


Group courses, online or in your company. You would like to train your employees in English or German and not lose any time? We come to you in the company and teach in a familiar atmosphere! Native speakers who are real experts in your field teach your staff! Depending on your needs, we can cover the following topics: conversation, contracts, business trips, negotiation, marketing, , technology, presentations, human resources, negotioation. All courses can be carried out industry-specific, for example: administration, , tourism, medicine, finance technology, art, logistics, accounting.


5-12 weeks


  • English or German Intensive Course


You are fully in your professional life and would like to get fit quickly in English? In our intensive course we offer you the following lesson contents: E-mail Correspondence -Grammar -Conversation / Small Talk with a specific structure of your vocabulary -Specials on Professional Fields / Business English First of all, we conduct a placement test of your English skills and create a personal syllabus in consultation with you. Please contact us for more information! Intensive course – our offer 35 units of 45 minutes each, online or in our cozy classrooms. In addition, you can choose whether you would like to participate in small groups with a maximum of 4 participants or more targeted and intensive in private lessons. Better yesterday than today? We will meet your wishes on schedule.


2-4 weeks


  • English or German course for apprenticeship


In many industries, a good command of English or German is required. Promote your apprentices right at the start of your career with our Business English course. With our training program specially tailored to your professional needs, you give your trainees a clear advantage in the world of work. On the basis of many practical exercises, the trainees break down speech inhibitions and practice the well-versed use of the English language. In a lively atmosphere, they learn the usual business language and industry-specific vocabulary. Our qualified lecturers are native speakers only and have sound specialist knowledge (finance, logistics, technology, administration, medicine, accounting, IT). Before starting the course, we will classify the German or English language skills of the trainees in order to adapt the course content and grammar parts to the specific needs. In The Learning Center we offer courses locally – in your company or online. Business English for apprentices – Contents: Coordination with the requirements in vocational education Imagine yourself and the company Make phone calls competently, typical telephone phrases, English phrases Stylish business correspondence Arrange appointments Organize business travel visitor intercultural competences vocabulary basic grammar


4-8 weeks



Course Tutor with 15 years experience

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