German Course

Language courses for ADULTS, children and teenagers in Neufahrn

Teaching Methods
From the first lesson on, our qualified teachers speak only German in class.
Our communicative teaching methods will make speaking, understanding and collaborating easy.
You will learn language using authentic, real-world texts and up-to-date teaching materials in a variety of learning scenarios.
Your teacher will encourage you with openness and empathy to begin speaking quickly.


  • PT 1. German courses for kids 2 up to 10 years
  • PT 2. German one to one course
  • PT 3. German part-time course
  • PT 4. German group course


  • German courses German mit Socke 2-5 years Felix & Franzi 5- 6 years and Karla & Kai 7 - 11 years

German for children 2 - 10 years

German for children 2-4 years
How can children learn German with hand-made sock puppets and tablets?
The creators of “Deutsch mit Socke” (German with Sock) show how easy it is.

A red puppet called “Socke” (sock) meets Sandra, a person. Sandra speaks to Sock in German – a language in which the little puppet is not very fluent. Whatever could go wrong with that? A lot, hopefully – and that’s what “Deutsch mit Socke” is all about.

Sock parrots everything Sandra says and doesn’t worry too much about German grammar. Communication is effective nevertheless. It’s a great introduction to a world of German language.

German for children 4-6 years:
Two engaging hand puppets, a frog called Felix Frosch and a duck called Franzi Ente, take centre stage. They live in a special German letterbox. Having recently moved to the UK from Germany, the two characters experience many adventures which form the theme for each chapter. Each chapter introduces new vocabulary and grammar lessons and is accompanied by a wide range of activities and extra material such as songs, videos and whiteboard applications.

German for children 7-11 years
‘Deutsch mit Karla & Kai’ (K&K) is a scheme of work that follows on from the ‘Deutsch mit Felix & Franzi’ programme. 
The two volumes for ‘Deutsch mit Karla & Kai’ consist of six chapters each, which open with a video clip.
The films introduce the new learning and teaching content in a playful way. The learners will be able to access completely new structures and vocabulary in the context of the stories.
In the first two levels, the lessons concentrated on learning pronunciation through songs and film clips, on basic vocabulary and structures delivered in games, and mainly through oral tuition.

During the third and fourth level of learning German, the pupils will gradually be introduced to grammar concepts.  However, motivation, fun and intercultural learning stay at the heart of this scheme of work. As the pupils are now older, hand puppets are no longer used. Instead, two animated film characters – Karla, the cockroach, and Kai, the maybeetle – will accompany and support the children on their journey. Each of the chapters introduce new vocabulary and grammar lessons and is followed by a suggestion for a cross-curricular project.





12 months



  • German one to one course

Individual lesseons

We offer students the opportunity to intensify their German language knowledge by taking highly intensive one-on-one lessons. They can choose to take 10, 20 or 40 lessons of 45 up to 90 minutes once or twice a week. The teacher will focus on the individual needs of the student and will customize lessons according to his or her needs. Taking one-on-one lessons can help students who wish to attain a specific goal in a minimum amount of time or who wish to fill a knowledge gap for participating in a specific language level class.

3 - 12 months



  • German part-time course

Part Time Course

You live in Munich North and want to learn or improve your German, but lack the time for an intensive course? Then our part-time courses in small classes with approximately 10 students are ideal for you! They comprise between four and ten lessons of 45 minutes per week and take place in the evenings.
Here you find the schedules for our part-time courses: Evening course: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 18:15 / 20.15
or flexible in my Online Classroom (NOT SKYPE- I bought my own classroom!)

3 months up to 24 months



  • German group course

Group Courses

German Courses for Groups
Are you looking for German courses for a group ?
Additional courses are available in summer. For reservations outside the high season we offer very favorable conditions for group bookings of 10 students or more. Please find more details below:
What is included
• tuition with 25 or 30 lessons quarterly (depending on the age group)
• small classes with approx. 8 students
• placement test, course material & course certificate
German lessons
In general, classes run once or twice weekly and cover the areas of listening and reading comprehension, writing skills, speaking skills and grammar. In addition, our teachers are happy to include specific topics such as exam preparation.

SUBJECT DURATION 3 up to 24 months

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