Nursery School

A great education begins with a great kindergarten experience.

One in four children who starts kindergarten is not ready for their first day in the classroom. Starting German kindergarten or school can be exciting or stressful for three or four-year-olds and their parents/caregivers. We want to make starting it an exciting, successful and happy experience. Our Nursery School program helps prepare pre-kindergarten children for a positive start to their journey.

Toddlers and children up to 7 years

The Nursery program is focused on providing a positive initial school experience for each child in preparation for early success and school readiness. “Learning through Play” as well as a multi- sensory approach to learning is the theme across all the age groups and begins here. The day consists of indoor and outdoor play and teacher directed open ended activities through circle time, art and science activities. The social and emotional aspects of each child’s development are emphasized along with communication development, fine and gross motor skills and a constant exposure to cultural and artistic experiences. The children are introduced to a variety of materials and invited to explore and experience all that is available. The art activities are ‘process’ oriented and the children are always encouraged to express through their own creations.


  • PT 1. Toddler Group 12 – 24 months
  • PT 2. Nursery Group 2 – 5 years
  • PT 3. Preschool Group 4- 7 years
  • PT 4. Holiday day care 2 – 6 years


  • Toddler Group 12 months – 2 years


The Toddler Group has been especially crafted for children between the age group of 12-24 months, keeping in mind the holistic development of the children at this age. The program aims to strengthen the bond between the child and care giver and to engage toddlers in various structured activities. This will help toddlers to interact with their peers and get acquainted to the preschool set-up. Children are required to attend the classes along with their parents or caregivers for the initial weeks. The program offers a structured learning and developmental experience to the kids including rhymes, free play, sensory activities, art & craft, scrap book activities, outdoor & indoor play.


2-4 hours once a week


  • Nursery School 2 – 6 years


Early education experiences play a vital role in the future success of a young child. At the Learning Center, Childcare & Preschool, we take that responsibility seriously and have spent years creating and improving a curriculum that develops the Whole Child. We want every child in our care to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. Nursery:
Quality education in the early years of Preschool sets a firm foundation in the overall development of a child. At the Learning Center, the nursery curriculum provides a right array of activities to help children move towards achieving their early learning goals.
In Nursery, children are engaged in school readiness activities such as reading, writing, counting, number recognition and problem solving in a fun filled but purposeful manner. Children are encouraged to corroborate their learning through collaborative activities in the areas of dramatics, science and arts.


Once or twice weekly in the morning


  • Preschool 5 – 8 years


Preschool: The programme offers a structured learning and developmental experience to the kids including rhymes, free play, sensory activities, art & craft, scrap book activities, outdoor & indoor play. The transition from preschool to primary school is a crucial time of change for both children as well as their parents. The Learning Center the curriculum ensures smooth transition to formal schooling with meaningful and progressive learning experiences. In addition to age-appropriate activities in Kindergarten, which prepare a child for success in formal school; various other activities are conducted in the areas of language, numbers, general knowledge, music, art in a planned manner throughout the program. Through these activities, children learn the alphabet and letter sounds, numbers and simple math and master early writing skills. Furthermore, each child’s development is measured thrice in a year through well designed assessment as part of our CV.


Once weekly in the afternoon


  • Holiday day care ages 2 – 6 years


Before you know it, the kindergarten or school will be breaking up and the holidays will be upon us. Why not take a look at the childcare on offer at the Learning Center? The weeks of outdoor activities and sunshine (hopefully) are stretching out before us but for many parents who have work or other commitments, it can be a real headache to arrange wrap around care over the holidays. Endless concerns over who will care for the children while they’re off kindergarten or school and how to achieve this without going broke in the process. Unfortunately, this is a question that comes around all to quickly each year. Planning ahead now will help to ease the stress that builds ahead of any holidays. We offer day care during the holidays ages 2 up to 6 years. Plan ahead!


2 weeks


Theresa Knippschild

Helen Doron Teacher 2006
Former Nursery School teacher in China and back again in Germany

We develop programs that nurture trusting relationships with their peers, teachers, and parents. In order to learn these skills, the child needs to feel secure with their caregiver or teacher. The teachers in The Learning Center are much more than just someone that “watches over” children, they are trained to develop emotional skills, encourage engagement, and promote curiosity. 

When developing a child’s social skills our teachers use “teachable moments” to show children how to manage their frustrations and interactions with others. Without embarrassing or punishing the child, teachers are encouraged to teach the impact of their behaviors.