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Since the Learning Center was established in 2002, we have focused our energy, time and imagination on developing courses and enhancing your experience as a language learner. Since March 2020 we offer 90% of our Teenager and adult courses successfully online!

Each student is different, so our first question is always “How can we meet your language needs effectively in a stimulating and creative manner which will help you to reach your goals as soon as possible?”

The Learning Center offers you customer-oriented solutions – flexible and personal – to provide you with the unique training you or your child personally need, no matter whether it is in-house training, online course, personal coaching or one of our flexi or intensive courses.

We aim to offer the best language courses for business or general purposes to you, our customers, in the metropole region of Munich as well as German to language learners from all over the world!

My team and I look forward to welcoming you here.

Christine-Virginia Franken, Owner

Our team

Chris V. Franken
Helen Doron teacher 2002
Teachers Trainer 2004
Braingym Instructor 2013
Owner of The Learning Center founded in 2002


Carol Mellett
Helen Doron Teacher 2016
Former speech therapist in Lancaster


Lazar Dimitrijev

Former Principal
SOU „Ljupcho Santov“ in Kochani
Certificate of Membership
TESOL, Tampa, Florida (United States)
United States Department of State, Washington D.C. (United States)

Sandra Stockmar
Deutsch Lehrkraft seit 2019
Studentin Grundschullehramt

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Dottore Sergio Arena
Orthopedic accident surgery
81739 Munich

In 2018 and 2019, Ms. Franken gave our practice employees intensive individual tuition in the languages „German“ and „English“. The courses were held individually online or in face-to-face classes.
Here, some of our employees from other European countries received intensive German lessons. The classes were very successful. An employee who started with level A1 in German reached a B2 level in a few months and could be successfully used at the reception and even on the phone. The psychological work performed by Ms. Franken was also convincing, which led to the employee losing his fear of speaking and increasingly opening up.
Another employee who showed weakness in writing improved grammatically significantly.
Since we have a practice with international patients, our receptionist also completed English courses with Ms. Franken. Ms. Franken responded to our special requests and taught the employees very successfully in Business English (e.g. appointments, telephoning, small talk …). She also impressively observed the different starting levels of our employees and responded to them individually.
All courses were always to our complete satisfaction and all of our employees were always enthusiastic about the courses and accordingly highly motivated and successful in learning. We would like to thank you very much for the excellent language courses!
Sincerely yours
Dr. Arena, Dr. Wolferseder

Ludwig Engelhart
Organische Düngemittel

Many many thanks!
We could win Mrs. Christine Franken as a German teacher for our employees. Three employees of our company with different
Native languages (Romanian, Hungarian) participated in the German language course by Ms. Franken from October 2018 to May 2019 The previous knowledge was very different.
Mrs. Franken motivated our employees to learn and speak. She reached It overcomes the initial skepticism of the staff, so everyone very much participated in the course.
We can only thank Mrs. Franken and wish her many more „students“. Your Teaching method has proven itself with our employees.
Our employees are in constant contact with us and our customers. Language skills are essential. We are very satisfied with that
course of learning.
Nicola Selmayr
Fa. Ludwig Engelhart

J.D. GbR
Press Release & Style
For over two years, I perfected my Business English with Ms. Franken and can fully recommend both her didactic competence and her teaching concept: She always works with the most up-to-date media, proposes the most diverse topics from the world of work and the area of geography, and prepares the lessons extremely lively and entertaining. As a native of the United States, she can also always answer questions about culture and colloquial language.
J.D. GbR, Neufahrn
W.B.C. Services

From October 2018 to May 2019, Ms. Franken gave our foreign employees (Romanian, Hungarian, Portuguese) German lessons.
We were very satisfied with your teaching methods, they were very good at motivating and inspiring our employees to learn German. Due to her humorous and extremely personable personality, she took away the shyness of speaking and using German from our employees. After a short time, we were able to make very good progress with our employees.
On a human level, too, we met Ms. Franken, a person who is pleasantly uncomplicated and always friendly in personal dealings.
She also has a very high level of expertise.
We are very happy to recommend Ms. Franken without any reservations.
E. Wolff


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